New to yoga? Here’s everything you need to know

Are you ready for your first yoga class? Feeling a bit nervous and excited at the same time? I promise you, it is normal to feel like this! We all have been there, its a little bit like the first day at school.  I don’t know about you, but I always have loads of questions; where is the changing room, what class should I do, who will be my teacher??? It can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. Let me take you around the Sadhana studio and hopefully answer all your questions.


Once you enter the studio, you will see our reception and a smiling face saying hello to you. The teacher taking your class will also be there to greet you! Don’t be a stranger and give a smile back! Every time, you come in to the studio you have to ‘check-in’ for your class, for which you registered online. We have a great app to help book classes in advance. If you are unsure what studio your class is in, just ask our team. We have two studios, Fire (hot) and Earth.

Now, you are checked-in, you can head on into our studio and make yourself at home! Just take your shoes off and place them in the cubby holes first. There are separate changing room facilities for men and women, and in the centre of the studio a chill out area, where you can relax before and after class. There’s also free herbal tea for you ready and waiting!

One, of my favorite things about Sadhana Yoga & Wellbeing is their range of different classes. My first love was Bikram Hot Yoga, a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, yes, can be intense at first. All you have to do during your first few ‘dates’ with Bikram Hot Yoga is staying in the room and getting used to the heat. The rest comes with time and practice.

On another hand, you have Vinyasa yoga, which can be described as a dance. Why? Because of the smooth way that the poses run together and breathe acts as an anchor to the movement. I would recommend going one of the ‘Bikram for Beginners’ workshop and ‘Vinyasa Foundation’ classes to help you get your head around the postures.

If you think Bikram and Vinyasa might be too much on your first day at school, start with slow and more passive Yin class. It’s designed to encourage flexibility in the hips and lower body. Postures are held for longer periods of time to target deep into the connective tissue.

Sadhana, also, offers classes to support you finding the balance between strength and flexibility. Try one of the Strength & Movement, Sculpt (a high energy flow class which incorporates toga postures, free weights and cardio), and Dynamic Body (a complete body workout using elements from ballet, contemporary dance, yoga and pilates) classes to assist your yoga and watch your practice transform!

Now, this is the end of our studio tour. Hopefully, now you know more about what to expect on your first day at school. Feel free to reach out to us, you can have a chat with vibe leaders or teachers who will help advise you on what might be best for you.

Finally, I want to share you with the advice I was given at the begging of my yoga journey: Don’t enter the room with expectations, just let it be. Be kind to yourself.

Blog written by Kamila Turek