Zjana Muraro

Somatic Movement therapy – Feldenkrais® and Ilan Lev Method

Zjana is a qualified Ilan Lev Method (ILM) practitioner and Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement teacher. She has been active in the somatic movement world since she started dancing professionally at a very young age. She qualified in ILM under Ilan Lev himself studying with him for 2 years and completing an internship period of one year. After this he personally invited her to assist him in practitioner trainings in New York and Amsterdam. She regularly teaches movement class, workshops, dance, yoga and Gyrotonic®.

Soothe your inner spirits through a somatic movement session. A personalised somatic movement therapy program is created for you through a treatment combining chi energy techniques, release, Shiatsu techniques and biomechanics. Somatics is not a massage but keeps you feeling totally relaxed by using touch for wellness and healing. Removing energetic and physical blocks to your body’s movements even just one session brings more efficiency and ease to your yoga practice and all that you do daily. Somatics works with the nervous system and is skeletal based. Sessions are done wearing loose fitting comfortable clothing so you can enjoy being moved by the practitioner while you lay on a massage table. Whether your body is in trouble and you are having pain physically, due to stress, or in any other way hurting or you’re a high level athlete wanting to find more openings in your range of motion and mobility; somatics are very helpful and can take your yoga practice to new levels.

After the session you can expect to feel more aligned and freer in your body, more grounded in your roots and with a lighter, brighter spirit. Come and take a load off and feel the harmony and clarity movement therapy can bring.

Availability: Dalston

Monday: 17:00 – 22:00


90 mins: £120
60 mins: £70
30 mins: £45

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