Katya Maass

Holistic massage therapy can touch an individual in their entirety – the mental, physical and emotional. It holds the possibility of reintegration, is person centred and is guided by principles of sensitivity, awareness and quality of touch.

My approach is about bringing people awareness of their bodies. Once attention has been brought to their body people often find an awareness of what is affecting them physically, mentally or both.

I treat people by tailoring their treatment using a range of techniques. It is a nurturing process of touch and response; not routine but adapted to a person’s unique needs, physical characteristics and personality.

I work with the body’s muscles and joints, connective tissue, and nervous system using techniques like deep tissue, Swedish massage, joint mobilisation, advanced relaxation, abdominal massage, trigger point, myofascial release techniques and many others.

Whether it is to offer relief from pain and stress, or selfcare as part of balanced lifestyle, I will provide a suitable treatment of empathetic and skilfull touch.

I’m an MTI trained therapist with a Diploma in Holistic Massage Therapy (with anatomy and physiology) and further training in seated massage, facial rejuvenation massage and myofascial release. I have a particular interest in fascia; particularly the impact of fascia on overall wellbeing as well as specific or chronic complaints.


Availability: Dalston

Wednesday: 16:30 – 21:30


Holistic Massage £45 – £115.00

Facial Rejuvenation massage £50 – £90

Couples Treatments also available

Low cost treatments available for concessionary groups

For bookings, please see therapist contact details below.