Jesse Amy Devlin

Like to teach: Bikram, Yin, Meditation

Known for: With a background in mental health nursing, and later teaching children

with mental health needs, Jes has always been drawn towards guiding and

assisting others to find calm and peace of mind.

Makes you leave feeling: Attending one of her classes will leave you feeling energised and uplifted, and most likely with a philosophical musing to take away with you!

In 2016, Jes discovered Bikram yoga, and personally experienced how life-

changing this practice was in terms of managing stress and building mental

resilience. The next few years saw a huge transformation, involving

spending time living in India, and eventually dedicating her whole life to

the yogic path

Jes is trained to teach Hatha, Yin, Yoga Nidra and Guided meditation, and

most recently completed her training to teach her most heart-felt passion,

the hot 26/2 sequence. She also shares Ayurvedic yoga massage and

Himalayan sound healing, both of which she studied and practiced

extensively in India.