Sadhana Vinyasa Teacher Training 2018

This year marks our first ever Vinyasa Teacher Training (TT), and what an amazing journey it has been so far. Speaking to the trainees and trainers, we have received so much fantastic feedback and it’s another amazing chapter at Sadhana Wellbeing.  To understand more, our Marketing Executive, Gemma, spoke with Suraj Ghumra.

Suraj has been practicing  yoga and writing for Sadhana for almost 3 years now. He started his yoga journey almost 7 years ago, and we hope you enjoy his insight on the TT:

What inspired you to take part in Sadhana’s 200hr Vinyasa TT?

Vinyasa Teacher Training is one of the best things I have done in my life.
Being Sadhana’s first teacher training, it has been absolutely amazing, both from an organisational and a material based perspective.
The course is led by Beth Crivelli; who is wonderful, humble and highly educated about the world of yoga. The fantastic Michelle Varchione has been Program Facilitator, bringing her vast knowledge and experience of Vinyasa (and other forms of yoga) to the course.We have also been super lucky to have the brilliant – Emily Desmond (Senior Guest Instructor) teaching us about the history of yoga, the practice itself and much much more. 


How you are finding the training so far?

Personally, I am finding the Vinyasa teacher training challenging, exciting, amazing and all the possible emotions that one can face when they are starting something brand new. For me, this is something very close to my heart. Everyone involved has been extremely supportive, from the teachers & Sadhana staff, to the fellow yogis and yoginis. The training itself is just fantastic and the course material goes into so much more depth than I initially thought.

The hard work and dedication that has gone into the material by Beth et al. has been inspiring, and you can really feel it whilst learning. 

What topics have you been learning about?

We have been studying the asanas and postures that we will be teaching in the Sadhana 60 sequence, but also other postures that are of interest.
The history of yoga, how it all started and the origin of yoga itself.
The human anatomy & physiology and how wonderful, complex and extraordinary the human body is, and much more. 
We have also had the chance to touch upon topics such as Ayurveda and Doshas.


What’s the support of the group like?

The entire learning group gets on so well, everyone is genuinely amazing and wants the best for one another. 
Everybody speaks openly and honestly, and we are sharing something super special that we will take with us into our lives. I will personally never forget this group myself.

How are you finding the time to fit training and studying into your schedule?

This one is definitely not as easy as I thought. I am working 40 odd hours a week, practicing yoga in the evenings and then trying to have a little bit of family and friends time, but it’s all positive and amazing. 
When I get time I am working on reading, the sequence and anything in relation to the yoga. 

What is really inspiring you at the moment inside and outside the training process? 

Everything about the TT inspires me. The people taking it, different stories of why people are doing the TT, Beth, Gerry, Sadhana, Emily, Michelle, basically everything and everyone that is in touch with the TT.
The fact that I was once told by a Doctor that I would always struggle to walk but now I am doing a Vinyasa TT, I am exactly where I always focused my energy to be, and now I have passed the hardest times, right now the hard work and dedication to yoga is paying off. And that in itself is pure inspiration. 
Life is so precious, and none of us know what’s going to happen in the next two minutes, so I am making sure I enjoy as much of the TT that I can. 

What are you finding the most challenging?

I find the practice itself quite challenging, because of the restrictions I have but something that has really helped strengthen my body.
I find balancing the study and my life quite a challenge. But something that I am learning to do, and is allowing me to grow in my life in more ways than one.
I was finding it more challenging at the start to learn again, absorb that information and then teach others, but now much more comfortable than I was. 
But these are all positive challenges, and I am so excited to have more challenges once I start teaching and I know that they do not just end when the TT does, which is a beautiful thing.

Any final words?

I just want to say thanks to everyone involved in this process.
I can’t wait to start teaching at Sadhana.
I just want to help people anyway I can through yoga and meditation. It brings me joy to see others happy and if I can do that through something that has changed my life in such a positive way, I cannot wait to share that with as many people as possible.
Whether it is to give people internal balance and peace, or help  with troubled times. 
I am super grateful to be here in my life right now, and I am very happy I am doing it at Sadhana Yoga and Wellbeing and it’s wonderful community. 
Questions by Gemma
Answers by Suraj Ghumra